We have helped to build more than hundred machines

We design and deliver system solutions for machinery

Since the foundation of company in 1991, we have helped OEMs to design and develop more than hundred machines for different industries. Our team of qualified experts has a long-lasting extensive experience with mobile hydraulics, machine control software and electric drives.

So far, we have worked with more than fifty off-highway machinery manufacturers, for whom we have designed and delivered customized system solutions, ranging from work and travel hydraulics to complex control system with HMI components. In co-operation with our OEM customers, we were able to bring a number of remarkable machines to the market. Our references cover forestry, agricultural, construction and municipal equipment; both compact and large off-highway vehicles. At the same time, we have a proven track record of designing autonomous robots and electric transport vehicles.

In terms of system solutions, we are focusing especially on:

  • Hydraulic systems including work and travel hydraulics
  • Control software and electronics including control devices
  • Electric and hybrid drives
  • Manufacture of hydraulic hose and fluid conveyance solutions

We strive to keep up with the latest trends in off-highway machinery design and our aim is not only to follow them, but also come up with our own innovative ideas and solutions. The long-term co-operation with our technology partners and suppliers allows us to keep a detailed overview of the latest products and most advanced technology on the market. That means that our team of engineers and developers can use this extensive knowledge when developing a solution that best fits the requirements of a specific project. Together with OEMs, we try to make use of the most innovative and sophisticated components available, so that the final product meets the highest criteria of performance, efficiency, reliability and comfortable operation.

Our main to goal is to be a strong and responsible partner to our customers, whether we work on a large-scale project for an international OEM or minor modifications of an existing system. We do our best to make sure that machines carrying a Technotrade signature are really standing out in terms of technology and power.

State-of-the-art technology solutions

What we have witnessed over past few years is an extraordinary technological progress in the areas of electronics and software control. When designing a software solution for off-highway machines, we usually use the proven Danfoss PLUS+1® platform, Its key advantages include exceptional flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of electronic controls and other components. Thanks to the proven architecture of CAN bus network, the communication between engine, controllers, sensors, control devices and other components is quick and reliable. Using the CAN bus protocl also allows integrating the most advanced technologies into the system, i.e. the steer-by-wire solution, which has replaced the traditional mechanical steering in a number of machines that we have helped to developed.